California Travel Guide

Complete Guide to Traveling to CaliforniaCOMPLETE GUIDE TO TRAVEL TO CALIFORNIA

I never get tired of visiting the United States and discovering its different states. And California is one of those you have to visit at least once in your life. Like New York, it has appeared so many times in movies and series that when you get there, everything is familiar to you and, at the same time, it is quite a surprise. It’s like a dream. And you can go a thousand times because it always hides something new.

I have been to California twice. In the latter I have been able to tour the state slowly, focusing on the two places I wanted to get to know well: San Francisco and Los Angeles. In this complete guide to travel to California, you will also find proposals for taking a trip along the West Coast, in case you want to include destinations such as Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon or Yosemite.



California is one of the fifty States of the United States of America. The capital is Sacramento. And how could it be otherwise, the most populous city in California is, Los Angeles. It is the most populous state and one of the largest states in the United States.

California is also known as the ‘Golden State’, or the golden state. This is because temperatures are usually quite nice, especially from the middle of the state down. And in addition to the great Californian cities that we can have in mind, this state is full of incredible landscapes, virgin nature and well-preserved national parks that I hope you will get to know thanks to this complete guide to traveling to California.



San Francisco is one of the cities that you cannot miss on a trip through California. A city with a lot of things to do and see and with plans of all kinds and for all audiences.

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Below you will find essential practical information:

  1. How to get around San Francisco by public transportation
  2. How to go to San Francisco from the airport
  3. Where to sleep in San Francisco
  4. Where to eat in San Francisco: my recommendations
  5. Tips for renting a car in San Francisco


In this part of the complete guide to traveling to California, you will find all the information related to the route through Big Sur, one of the essential parts of any trip through this state:

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On any trip through California, you shouldn’t miss a stop in Los Angeles. The city of stars awaits us with tons of movie locations and places we’ve always dreamed of.

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And so that your visit to Los Angeles goes smoothly, be sure to read these recommendations and practical information:

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As I am aware that there are many people who organize their trip to visit other places. So in this complete guide to travel to California, I also wanted to include other very desirable destinations such as Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon of Colorado:

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  3. A day in the Grand Canyon of Colorado


For us, traveling responsibly and sustainably is a priority. We do not conceive a trip without trying to respect our environment and the people who live in it. And one of the best ways to do this is by trying to reduce waste while traveling to California.

Traveling without plastic in California is possible but it is not easy. Here are some more detailed tips so you know how to reduce waste while traveling:

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