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Complete Travel Guide to IndonesiaComplete Guide to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia- More than 17,000 islands where you can find everything: volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches and islands, different religions and temples, a fairly well-preserved seabed and landscapes that your mind cannot imagine.

We toured the country slowly over 3 months. And in this complete guide to traveling in Indonesia, you will find practical information to organize your trip throughout the country. We hope you find it useful!



Indonesia flag The Republic of Indonesia is a country that lies between Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is made up of 17,508 islands and is the fourth most populous country in the world with more than 255 million people. Although there are regions where Catholicism predominates, such as the island of Flores or Balinese Buddhism in Bali, Indonesia is the country with the most Muslims in the world.

Indonesia is a country full of amazing places at all levels. The most touristy islands are Java, Bali, and Lombok (especially the small Gili islands). But it is not far behind the Komodo National Park or Borneo, where it is possible to see orangutans in the wild.



Bali is a gift for the traveler looking for something unique and a must in any complete guide to travel to Indonesia. Despite the large number of tourists that come to the island every year, it is still very authentic. Although the majority of Balinese are dedicated to tourism, they have continued to maintain their traditions and customs. They make daily offerings to the gods and go to temples often.

If you go a little off the usual route you will find in Bali a magical place.


Indonesia volcano Java is the island of volcanoes and temples. It is not that you only find that, but its volcanoes and temples are what most attracts the attention of travelers.

Java is not only the most populous island in Indonesia but it is also the most populous island in the world. The Indonesian government is based in the city of Jakarta, which, in turn, is the most populous city in the country. Java is much more developed than its neighbors: for example, it has a much broader transport infrastructure, making it easier to move around the island.

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Yogyakarta is usually the city where travelers make a base to visit the Prambanan and Borobudur temples. But the second-largest city on the island of Java has much more to offer. Its streets are always full of people (and motorcycles, why fool us), there are many young people (it is a university town) and a large number of different restaurants and cafes.

In addition, it is a city ​​with a lot of history built around his palace. For us, it is a mandatory stop.

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Komodo was the big surprise of this trip. A treasure that we did not expect to find. We visited Komodo National Park on a two-day, one-night boat, and enjoyed good snorkeling, saw stingrays, turtles, and dolphins came to greet us at sunrise. And on top of that, the landscapes of the islands of Padar and Rincca left us speechless.

Without a doubt, for us, it is an essential stop on a trip through Indonesia and could not miss this complete guide to travel to Indonesia.

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The Gili Islands are a slice of paradise between Bali and Lombok. Three small islands to go to rest and relax in front of the sea, or to party or a romantic getaway with your partner. They are islands where everything goes slower and there are neither cars nor motorcycles. Electric vehicles, horse carts, and bicycles only.

And Lombok is still a fairly rural island. The southern area has begun to develop and is the perfect place to take your first little steps in the surf or simply lie down to rest on its long beaches.

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For us, traveling responsibly and sustainably is a priority. We do not conceive a trip without trying to respect our environment and the people who live in it. And one of the best ways to do this is by trying to reduce waste while traveling.

Traveling without plastic in Indonesia is possible. You don’t have to be buying water bottles and you can always order your drinks without a straw. Here are some more detailed tips so you know how to do it.

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