Philippines Travel Guide


The Philippines. 7,107 islands where you can find everything: volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches and islands, a fairly well-preserved seabed and charming people. Filipinos are smiling and friendly, and they will surely be one of the reasons why you end up loving the country.

We toured the Philippines slowly over 2 months. And in this complete guide to traveling around the Philippines, you will find practical information to organize your trip around different islands. We hope you find it useful!



The Republic of the Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 7,107 islands and its capital is Manila. Its tropical climate and its location make it a country prone to earthquakes and typhoons. In the Philippines the predominant religion is Catholicism and the national sport is basketball.

The Philippines is a country full of amazing places and it is very difficult to get to know them all in one trip. The islands of the archipelago are classified into three groups: the island of Luzón, the group of the Visayas and the island of Mindanao. The most touristy island is probably Palawan. But the Siargao surf or other islands such as Bohol or Malapascua are not far behind.



The island of Palawan is one of the most touristy in the Philippines and a must-see for many people on their Philippines travel itinerary. We made a base in three different places: Puerto Princesa, Port Barton and El Nido. In addition, in this section, you will also find Coron’s guide. Coron is a municipality that belongs to the province of Palawan and is another of the places that could not be missing in this complete guide to travel to the Philippines.

  • Things to do in Coron
  • What to do and what to see in El Nido
  • What to do in Port Barton: guide and recommendations


Cebu, like Palawan, is an island and a province. That is why we have grouped here the islands of this province that we visited on our trip and that are included in this complete guide for traveling to the Philippines.

  • Guide to traveling to Bantayan Island in the Philippines
  • Malapascua guide in the Philippines: what to do + tips
  • Dive in Malapascua with the fox shark: requirements, tips and recommendations


In addition to Cebu and Palawan, on our trip to the Philippines, we visited other islands that we highly recommend. Below you will find detailed guides for each one, always based on our experience.

  • 7 Islands to visit in the Philippines
  • Bohol Island in 3 days: what to do and where to sleep
  • Guide to traveling to Camiguín, in the Philippines
  • Guide to traveling to Siargao in the Philippines


For us, traveling responsibly and sustainably is a priority. We do not conceive a trip without trying to respect our environment and the people who live in it. And one of the best ways to do this is by trying to reduce waste while traveling. Traveling without plastic in the Philippines is possible. You don’t have to be buying water bottles and you can always order your drinks without a straw. Here are some more detailed tips so you know how to do it.

  • How to travel without plastic in Southeast Asia
  • 10 ways to reduce waste while traveling