Croatia Travel Guide

Complete Guide to Travel to CroatiaCOMPLETE GUIDE TO TRAVEL TO CROATIA

Croatia is the perfect destination whether you are looking for a getaway, a road trip or a great trip. It has mountains, walled cities protagonists of the best scenes of Game of Thrones, coves with crystal clear waters (without sand, yes) and landscapes that you do not expect. It is the most versatile destination for all audiences.

We travelled through Croatia very quietly for three weeks. We did it mainly on ferries and buses, on a tight budget and we wanted to know the most tourist destinations and also more isolated places. In this complete guide to traveling to Croatia, we tell you everything.



The Republic of Croatia is a country whose coastline stretches across the Adriatic Sea. It is made up of the mainland and a thousand islands. The most populous city, which is also the capital of the country, is Zagreb.

Croatia is one of the treasures of the Adriatic. A country with a very extensive coast, islands with different ecosystems and an interior with the most abundant vegetation. Its cities are a clear reflection of the country’s history, of conquests and wars. So you decide to visit it, be sure to read a little about its past and its present.



Croatia has a total of 8 national parks, of which we visited 4. They are very different parks from each other, some more touristy and others less.

But there is no doubt that Croatia has a stunning nature: waterfalls, lakes surrounded by forests, unique rock formations, etc.

  1. Guide to visit the Krka National Park
  2. Guide to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park
  3. Everything you need to know to visit the Mljet National Park
  4. Guide to visit the Telascica Natural Park


In this part of the complete guide to traveling to Croatia, you will find all the information related to the most important cities in the country: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Zagreb.

These are the main cities because they are bigger, better connected and receive more tourists.

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  2. Zadar guide: the ideal city of Croatia
  3. Split: what to see and where to eat
  4. Split: the city of mass tourism in summer


On any trip through Croatia you should not miss a getaway to one of its thousand islands. Although the beaches are not fine sand like in the Caribbean and the coast is steeper, the crystal clear turquoise blue water would conquer anyone.

On this trip, we plan to visit three islands: Mljet, Brac and Dugi Otok.

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  2. 5 reasons why you want to visit Sali in Dugi Otok
  3. Mljet, the paradise of Croatia



One of the biggest challenges we encountered when preparing this trip through Croatia was organizing transport. We couldn’t find too much information about ferries and buses on the Internet in English, much less in Spanish.

That is why in this complete guide to traveling to Croatia we tell you how to do some of the trips around the country.

  1. How to get from Dubrovnik to Mljet by ferry
  2. How to get from Mljet to Brac by ferry
  3. How to get from Zadar to Dugi Otok by ferry


In Croatia, we tested the Airbnb hosting platform for the first time. It was such a good experience that we had to include it in this comprehensive guide to traveling to Croatia.

But we not only use Airbnb, but we also found some accommodations through Booking and we leave them all collected in an article.

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  2. Accommodation in Croatia: Guesthouses and apartments


For us, traveling responsibly and sustainably is a priority. We do not conceive a trip without trying to respect our environment and the people who live in it. And one of the best ways to do this is by trying to reduce waste while traveling.

Traveling without plastic in Croatia is possible. You can always order your drinks without a straw and look for drinking water to refill your bottle. And in Croatia, you can always ask to have a pitcher of water served at lunchtime. Here are some more detailed tips so you know how to reduce waste while traveling:

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