Today we are going to try to answer one of the most common questions among many travellers who want to explore the Middle East: is it safe to travel to Jordan? The short answer is already ahead of you right now: it is a YES.

But since we know that you want more details about the reason for this answer, in this post we detail some of the reasons why you will not have a problem on your trip to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in addition to giving you other interesting information for when you plan your next trip to the Jordanian country.


While, to travel to most of the countries around Jordan, embassies and ministries of foreign affairs make extensive safety recommendations to their citizens about possible dangers that may occur during their trips to those countries, in Jordan, most of these Recommendations are only limited to:

  • Dress simply and modestly. Avoid wearing short clothes, it is true that Jordanians are used to tourism, but it is better to avoid this type of clothing to travel safely to Jordan.
  • Avoid walking in areas away from the center at night.
  • Be listed in the Computer Travelers Registry in your country.
  • Hiring travel insurance, like the ones we offer you, the best travel insurance for your adventure in Jordan or in the country of your choice.

They are similar requirements to those needed to travel to countries such as the United States or Japan, although the situation for each country may vary, so, for more information, we recommend you see the indications of the Jordanian embassy in your country.

Freedom, security and respect

As in almost the entire world, there are various security controls in certain key points or areas, which in the case of Jordan are concentrated mainly in the area near the border with Israel and in the main points of tourist attraction, but nothing that you cannot see in various countries in Europe or in the United States.

Even taking all of the above into account, if you are not on organized trips, you can travel freely and freely through Jordan without excessive problems and with great kindness on the part of Jordanians, although we recommend appealing for respect for the customs and laws that prevail in the country, especially those related to sharia, Muslim law.

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Jordanian cuisine has influences from the gastronomy of its neighbouring countries, making it very varied and healthy. Traditional dishes like Fatteh, the hummus, the mutabal, the falafels or mansaf, ending with a typical dessert such as kunufe of Habiba’s, and also through the dates, or the Sayadiyah.

And if you are traveling in the desert, you should try the way they prepare chicken and lamb, buried with vegetables and spices under the desert sand for four hours before sunset. Completely delicious dishes that make up delicious and varied cuisine.


How much does it cost to eat in Jordan?

Keep in mind that the local currency is the Jordanian dinar and that currently, 1 dinar in exchange is more or less equivalent to one and a half USD. Jordan is not an excessively cheap country, but it is cheaper than European countries, for example.

In a common restaurant, you can easily eat for 13 dinars, and in western restaurants, for between 8 and 10 dinars.

How much does it cost to drink in Jordan?

Coffee or tea can cost you between 1 and 3 dinars depending on the establishment where you drink it. On the other hand, water and soft drinks range from 0.27 to 0.40 dinars per 33 cl bottle.

The spirit, to being a predominantly Muslim country, is severely restricted, prohibited under sharia, but in hotels and certain restaurants can find beer and wine, yes, at prices quite high, and even prohibitive in some cases. For a beer you will pay 7 dinars, the local wine in restaurants is paid between 17 and 30 euros a bottle and in a duty-free, 7 dinars are paid for the bottle.

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