Best Apps for Travelling

The Best Apps for Traveling

“Mobile is everything” was the slogan of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress and is that today we are nobody without our smartphone. If it is already an extension of the hand in our daily life, it would not be less in free time. With more than two million “apps”, traveling without technology is no longer contemplated. It’s just a matter of choosing the most practical applications for your trip: from the one that helps you pack your bags to the one that advises you on how to reduce jetlag. Connect to Wi-Fi and choose the one you like best.

12 Best Apps for Traveling for you next Trip

Word Lens

Not knowing languages ​​is no longer a problem to go around the world. This application translates text in real-time through the mobile camera. It is not infallible, but it will get you out of linguistic trouble.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android

Currency Converter Plus

If sometimes we are not clear with the euro, imagine with the currency of another country. With this currency converter, you will know at all times the exact price of what you pay, so you do not take surprises with the budget. It is updated daily and has 34 types of coins.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android


Finally, an application to divide the expenses of the trip. Traveling in a group is great but sometimes it is difficult to pass accounts. With this app, you will forget to control the “pot” to see who misses. Splitomatic allows you to divide expenses according to the number of people, geolocate them, convert them to your currency and even take photos of tickets to have everything under control.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android

Rain Alarm

Rain is common in tropical countries, especially during the wet season. But, if you want to avoid falling from the octopus on your beach days … check out this weather application. It alerts you in real-time of rainfall and instead of making predictions it uses real data, so it is quite accurate.

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If nature and outdoor activities are your things, this is your application. Discover millions of routes around the planet on maps that you can consult offline. You can choose between running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking and up to 45 different activities. Create your excursions and share them with your friends. Record your routes on a map, take photos along the route and upload everything directly from your mobile.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android


If you are one of those who get lost in your own home, don’t worry, with this application you will have instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world. Download the map of your destination and consult it where and when you want, without an internet connection. It has 345 countries and islands, what is your next destination?

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android


For lovers of planning, TripTracker is an excellent application to improve the organization and planning of your trip. You will have all the information about flights, accommodation, car rental … in one place, on your mobile. It also alerts you if there are delays or cancellations on your flight and even what your boarding gate is.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android

Packing Pro

If you are the typical one who always forgets something Packing Pro is your salvation. An application that packs for you, so you don’t leave anything behind, not the documentation, neither the tickets nor the itineraries. What more could you want?. It is a kind of assistant that will help you plan the tasks that you have to do before and after the trip.

It is only available on iOS and it is paid. $ 2.99 | Available on iOS

On Android is Packing List, a very similar free application.

Jet Lag Rooster

The jet lag is a major nightmare for travellers. But this ingenious application helps to minimize its effects. How? Enter the flight schedule, the hours you need to sleep, the time you usually wake up, go to bed and … the application will do the rest! With these data, Jet Lag Rooster creates a personalized plan with tips to reduce jet lag.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android

Field Trip

Field Trip is your guide to discover fascinating, hidden and unique places in the world. When you approach an interesting place, this application shows you a card with details about the location, without having to select anything. If you go with headphones you can listen directly. It is a very useful application, suitable for all types of travellers, with which you can learn from local history to the best places to shop, eat and have fun.

Available on iOS and Android

Play & Tour City Guide

Explore the city as if it were a museum. This application whispers in your ear all the stories, curiosities and tips of the most interesting places in a city so you can enjoy it much more. Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, New York, Singapore … discover the best of each one by hitting the play.

Download Free | Available on iOS and Android

First Aid

Prevention is better than cure, but if you get a yuyu it is good to know what to do at first. This application, developed by the Mexican Red Cross, guides you step by step to apply First Aid, as well as simple instructions against bites, heat strokes or minor trauma. All the information can be consulted without connecting to the internet.

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